Motiv is a next generation health & fitness tracker


My role

Pioneered the UX/UI of the industry’s first ring wearable. Worked with members of the engineering, QA, and product management team to define roadmap goals. Redesigned app experience to utilize atomic design principles. Worked with engineers to implement Flutter UI components to maximize dev time.


Drastically diminished sprint time spent on UI. Increased engagement and reached 30k MAU’s. Increased app store ratings on both iOS and Android platforms. Shipped multiple features, some of which directly led to investor interest and partnership conversations.

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Defining feature priority using data from feedback loops.


In any fitness tracker, the ability to record sleep, HR, and activity are obvious. But, with many users writing in requesting specific features, it can be difficult to decide which features to prioritize. Crafting surveys based on principals using the Kano model, developed by Noriaki Kano in the 1980s’s, helped crystalize exactly which features would lead directly to user satisfaction and delight.

When evaluating a potential feature, we ask it 3 different ways: One positive, one negative, and one based on perceived importance. For example:

Q1: If the app does ‘X’, how do you feel?
Q2: If the app does not do ‘X’, how do you feel?
Q3: How important is it for the app to do ‘X’?

For each question, users are presented with a Leikert rating scale to capture their responses. Each response is based on a feeling from negative to positive. The survey of all hypothetical features are sent to a randomized group of our 110k email list so that we are able to draw statistically significant results.



Graphing the results


After deploying the survey and receiving statistically significant results, we were able to take the raw data and plot it in Python. We built a custom script that visualized responses based on the Kano scale, and the result was a very clear list of features that we needed to focus on in the coming months.

Image source via  Product Frameworks

Image source via Product Frameworks

Launched the platform’s first premium feature—Guided workouts.


After learning that Motiv wanted ways to meet their daily active minute goals other than aimlessly walking to reach their step count, we went to work on our first premium feature—Guided workouts.

A partnership was forged between Motiv and Pear Sports, an app that curates recorded workouts with certified personal trainers. Our app experience leveraged their API to provide our users a way to go through guided workouts and reach activity goals more frequently.

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